Get an exterior detail for your CAR, TRUCK or SUV!


Clay bar Buff

Let us clay bar buff the exterior of your vehicle to remove bugs, tar, tree sap and road grime. An actual bar of clay is rubbed over the clear coated surface to catch stuck on debris for exterior detail.

vacuum Touch

We will vacuum all aspects of your vehicle. Not only the interior from floors to seats but also door jams and vented areas of your vehicle that catch road debris.

machine polish

We use only the best machine tools to help get the best desired shine. Our machine buff skills have been polished with years of experience, enhancing your vehicles appearance with the best technique.

waxed by hand

Your vehicle deserves a gentle touch with a hand wax finish. Our team takes the time to inspect all painted surfaces and apply hand wax to enhance the finish.

exterior detail plus


Paint correction helps to remove scuffs, scratches and blemished from your clear coated surface. With this techniques, layers of your clear coat are inspected and removed to create an incredible shine. Ask for the EXTERIOR DETAIL PLUS.

hydrophobic sealant

This is a unique, limited technology which enhances the long lasting shine of your painted surfaces. EXTERIOR DETAIL PLUS is an unbelievable pampering of your vehicles exterior and requires appointment.

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