In today’s world, paint correction is a life saver. Its the act of buffing, sealing and enhancing the exterior of your vehicle with special skill, tools and products. Whether you are a cleaning enthusiast, professional car detailer, or backyard maintainer; rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle is exciting. Sometimes you see some oxidized, hazed, dull or imperfect surfaces. These surfaces can include paint, plastic or even chrome. If it don’t go, chrome it, right?

Sometimes the biggest issues are your headlights. Glazed over with oxidation and dumpy performance when you need it the most, at night. Safety while driving is huge and your headlights can be an initial focus on paint or surface correction. Schedule a paint correction with the best.

Tip 1

Get some toothpaste and a clean rag. Preferably microfiber. Apply toothpaste to the microfiber and rub on to headlights in a circular motion. Run over to the sink and dampen your cloth. Scrub the remaining toothpaste and wipe clean. This should help clear up the lenses.

Does paint correction fix scratches?

In most cases professional detailers use special products including compounds and polishes to buff out small scratches. Scratches in the clear coat can be from regular wear on a vehicle and most often below the door handle. Ultimately, if you have a scratch that goes through the clear coat and into the paint, it is an opportunity to repaint a panel or apply some touch-up. Schedule paint repair with the Best.


Does paint correction last?

Yes, paint correction will last for an extended amount of time based on your habits. It really depends on if the vehicle sees a lot of wear and how it is stored. Most of the time, vehicles that sit in the sun often or outdoors will wear pre-maturely. Exposed to the elements will decrease the time of paint corrections effectiveness. A great coat of wax with the right skill and products can maintain paint, plastics and other exterior mouldings for a reasonable amount of time. Extending the time when stored in the garage.

Does paint correction remove paint?

In most cases paint correction is the process of wearing down a clear coat and maintaining clear coat by eliminating scratches. If you paint correct too many times, you will burn through the clear coat and into the base coat of a vehicle. This is not ideal and this is why professionals use special tools, products and eye to help alleviate these imperfections.

Tip 2

When covering your vehicle, be sure to use a quality cover to limit surface abrasions. A clean car with a cotton or polyester cover applied will help limit scratches. Less likely you will need paint correction due to a car cover.

How long does it take to correct paint or surfaces?

This all depends on how much wear and tear the vehicles has been through. Whether you go out wheeling in Middleborough, car showing in Foxborough or brushing up against your car in your own garage, these factors can play into extended amount of time.

Tip 3

While attending a car show, meet or gathering, its best practice not to touch someone elses car. Unless they say hop in or go for it, the paint and time put into someones pride and joy creates a force field to be reckoned with.

Best Collision and the Detail Crew in Hingham Ma are here to help. Ready to to keep your car, truck or SUV fresh for the next cruise, paint correction might be best. Ask George or any of the Best today!

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