Best Collision works with all insurance companies.

We work directly with any and all insurance providers and we are also on a Direct Repair Program with the following companies: Mapfre Insurance, Safety Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Quincy Mutual Insurance.



We not only work with all insurance companies, we will be your voice in the back and forth to help expedite your insurance claim status.

Rental vehicles

It is important that we repair your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly. We have the ability to keep you on the road with our own Hertz Rental Service on location. You will not be down a vehicle.

Progress Reporting

We have the ability to keep you informed on your insurance claim repair. By email and phone, we’ll be sure to keep you informed of the most recent update on your repair.

detail Service

All completed insurance repairs come completely detailed ready for pick up. Your car will look better than the day it was dropped off.

Shop for Insurance

Learn more about insurance in Massachusetts on and see available agents to shop.



Fortunately, working with all insurance companies, we have the ability to process and facilitate your insurance claim from open to completion. Schedule below if you have or have not opened an insurance claim. Lets get you back on the road!


Our technician skill level is the best in the south shore. We have the ability to repair your vehicle the right way and get you back on the road even sooner than most. If you are paying with cash or check, we are happy to help!