Is your lease expiring soon or do you just want to fix some damage?


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An appointment with our appraisal team will be required to review and itemize interior and exterior conditions of your lease turn in.


Interior upholstery (Cloth, Leather, Vinyl etc.), interior plastics, electronics, door panels and functions to be evaluated during lease inspection to ensure lease ending requirements.


Paint, body panel, structural and functionality will be reviewed to ensure lease turn in damage costs are avoided. Your exterior lease inspection will be completed by one of our professionals.


Engine, transmission, all wheel drive systems and components will be evaluated for functionality or repair.

What is a Lease Inspection

Many manufacturers require a lease inspection. This helps to itemize potential damages or costs incurred from the lease terms. As you can see, we will review your lease as soon as 30 days to expiration. In this case, if there is significant damage or any reconstruction needs to be performed, we’ll have you back on the road prior to your lease expiration.


Lease inspection

We have multiple inspectors on site to completely review your upcoming lease return or exchange. Lets get you ready with a lease inspection.

complete detail

Let our detail team get your car or truck looking right for the occasions. From exterior, to interior, to engine bay and undercarriage, we have you covered.

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