Did you have an accident and need an Insurance Claim Repair? You’re in the right place. We’re going to review a few things to keep in mind regarding a claim and how it will be handled. Schedule your next Insurance Claim Repair below.


Who will handle my claim

Call your insurance company and your claims representative will review your incident and take notes regarding the severity of the claim. There may be a statement or claim number in which the adjuster will assign to your claim. Your insurance company is there to help you along the way just as much as Best is here to help facilitate the communication between your insurance and the insured.

When can I call to report my claim 

Call immediately. There are so many factors that need to be covered up front to ensure your incident and Insurance Claim Repair is handled properly from the beginning. Open a claim with you insurance company immediately and then contact Best to facilitate your repair.

What forms will I need to complete 

Most of the time, in a motor vehicle collision, there will need to be an accident report form filled out accordingly highlighting details from the incident. From here your insurance company may ask for additional information regarding the event in the form of statements, photos or additional reports.

Where do I get my car fixed 

You can get your car repaired at any collision center you feel comfortable with. Here at Best, we are always here to help point you in the right direction. Our team will carry your repair from start to finish, including repair updates and images upon request. Schedule below to help get you back on the road sooner.

Who will pay for the repairs to my car 

Based on your incident report and what actually happened at the scene, the insurance companies involved will work together to identify citations and take into consideration repairs needed in both vehicles or vehicle and property damage. Your insurance company will be the best guide on who will pay for Insurance Claim Repair. If there was no collision and you are looking to repair something anyways, you will not need insurance and can pay out of pocket.

How long will the repairs take 

Based on the collision or damage to the vehicle, repairs can be from days to weeks. In reality, all repairs are based on severity and available parts. Fortunately, we stock over two million dollars worth of parts at any given time. In most cases, we are able to service your vehicle quicker than other locations. Schedule your next Insurance Claim Repair with Best!

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